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Proceeding with the undertaking of which I notified you in ORG Report A001os1. Project has officially been code-named ADAM.

Given the special nature of the subject, all appropriate containment and precautionary measures are being put into place to ensure that exposure of civilian population is minimized and potential for damaging information leaks is eliminated. Have secured and fortified a property in rural Oregon away from population centers and well outside of all commercial flight paths. Containment area/nursery has been reinforced to triple ORG Engineering corps recommendations and both gas and incendiary sterilization systems are now in place.

As per our discussion, have begun recruiting and training of staff for the facility from the pool of Special Forces and B.O. candidates suggested. Do to extensive security screenings, facility is currently only at half crew but expect to fill the roster within the month.

Continue in great difficulty as far as direct caregiver candidates. Of three previously qualified, all are now retired do to incidents with the subject. Subject continues to show increasing abilities and powers, suggesting a need to seek alternative caregiver options. Possibility has been raised by advisory team that we may need to consider civilian candidates. Have begun qualifying possibilities for this eventuality.

Please rest assured that Project ADAM will be conducted under ORG DDE (double dead end) configuration to reduce any potential for exposure under freedom of information act or collateral damage to funding arm in the event of any information becoming public.

Will need additional 12M funding for staff, facilities and testing equipment ASAP.


Oscar Silverman

P.S. This one is the big one, Jack. For real.