Mary File Photosubject: MARY AUSTIN

age: 30

status: single

education: Infant Psychology

profession: nanny/early learning specialist

special notes: High degree of empathy with test infants. Subject has been qualified via several fake job offers prior to recruitment for the position. Graduated with 4.0 GPA--top of class but just starting in her field. No siblings, no aparent personal relationships or professional attachments. See ORG investigative report MA01002.2 for exploitable psychological issues--very interesting details here. Previous family situation/dysfunction and circumstances of conception could make her ideal candidate for deeper bond with ADAM/influence by handlers.

warning: Subject has taken several self-defense classes. Does not seem to pose any serious risk- test threats resulted in poor performance. Easily flustered/weak will to defend herself. Suggest some caution, however, if use of force is required.

Recommended course of action: Acquire

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Leda Clovis Photo

subject: Leda Clovis

age: 28

status: single

education: Cellular Biology

profession: Astronaut: USS Olympus

special notes: Was the shining star of the new space program--NASA darling. Looks and intelligence predisposed media to cover her career. Listed as deceased with crew members Vignau, Napier and Wolnski after the "accident" aboard USS Olympus. Actual details withheld from media and oversight commission due to classified nature of the incident. For details of the incident, her condition post-accident or her involvement in project ADAM, please refer to file ORGLC110001.

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Oscar Profile picturesubject: Oscar Silverman

age: 45

status: single

training: Special Forces/Intelligence

profession: Director ORG Project Adam

special notes: Background file unavailable. Full psyche profile suggested in regards to volunteering to lead Project Adam but declined by subject and waived by immediate superiors. This post eems out of character with previous career trajectory. Subject may be reacting to perceived emotional deficits. Advise close monitoring for future developments, potential sub-optimal attachments.