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Nos mos redintegro is

Welcome to the Oversights and Recoveries Group webpage!

Please be advised that unauthorized viewing of this page is a class Q offense, punishable by immediate termination!

ORG was founded on August 5th, 1962 to facilitate the amelioration or correction of potential discomposure superfluity and other high-negative-impact-contra-indicated scenarios. From our initial mission in Los Angeles to our most recent activities around the globe, ORG prides itself on being the solution for insoluable problems, small or large.

Nos mos redintegro is, "We will fix it" is not just our motto, but our founding purpose. With the lowest visibility/highest yield funding pipeline of any government agency and an even lower public profile, ORG agents can get the job done where and when any other agency would fail.

The Oversights and Recoveries Group, ensuring popular ignorance for a safer world.